Developing & Supporting

Children’s Language Together

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We are a professional and friendly, independent speech and language therapy practice based in Bingley, West Yorkshire. We offer a prompt, flexible and effective service for children with speech, language and communication difficulties.

Speech-Ed specialises in working with pre-school and primary school aged children. We work closely with parents and education staff so that together we can support and develop each child’s speech, language and communication skills.

We are experienced working with a range of speech and language difficulties and we can support children with the following:

Using first words and putting words together in their talking

Understanding language

Developing vocabulary

Delayed and disordered speech sounds (including Dyspraxia)

Understanding and using grammar

Developing phonological awareness skills

If you are concerned about the communication skills of
your child or a child you know, we may be able to help.

About Me

I have worked as a Speech and Language Therapist for 15 years, working as a Highly Specialist within the NHS, the charity sector and as an independent practitioner. I am experienced in a variety of clinical and educational settings, including children’s centres, nurseries, mainstream schools and specialist provisions.

I have a special clinical interest in child speech disorders and Developmental Language Disorder (previously known as Specific Language Impairment (SLI) / Language Learning Impairment (LLI)).  I have worked extensively with children who have unintelligible speech in the absence of other development difficulties. My interest in child speech disorders led me to complete my Masters degree in Speech Difficulties at Sheffield University.

I’ve recently worked as a Professional Advisor for The Communication Trust on an exciting research project, investigating improving outcomes for children across primary schools.  I’m also a member of the Voice Bradford oracy research project Expert Board and I’m a local charity Trustee.

I’m really passionate about being a Speech and Language Therapist and the work I and we as a profession do. I feel privileged to be able to work with and learn from amazing children, families and education practitioners, developing and supporting children’s language together.


We offer a range of services tailored to meet your individual requirements, whether you are a parent seeking therapy for your child or whether you are a practitioner seeking to support children in your setting.

for the early years

for settings working with children aged 2-4 years


for schools

tailor-made and flexible therapy solutions for education


for parents

therapy to suit your needs